Engauge Workforce Solutions

Day: April 8, 2022


Engauge was working with a large manufacturing client in the food and beverage industry who was frustrated with the 5 temporary staffing agencies they had been working with for the past several years. In addition to lengthy time-to-fill and high turnover, the client was struggling to maintain everything from day-to-day communication to setting candidate expectations and managing the interview process to handling invoicing across so many different points of contact. To address these challenges, they turned to Engauge to streamline their staffing approach by making Engauge their exclusive staffing partner.


We opened our industrial training center in spring of 2020. In 2021 we expand our forklift training beyond the capabilities of its original creation. This expansion has resulted in a 20% increase in graduates within just one year. Even with the pandemic still affecting us, our team was able to fill our training classes and as a result, help around 100 Associates advance in their career paths. In the past year, we also added an internal ELL (English Language Learner) class with 6 team members successfully graduating in the month of November. We will soon be adding another class in an effort to give our internal team the tools necessary to work with a larger variety of languages. Our hope is to make the new language classes available to our Associates in 2022.


What is Workforce Engagement(WFE)? What is the Workforce Engagement program? It’s all about strategic turnover reduction, operational efficiency and safety. Practically, the Workforce Engagement program is a value-added service Engauge provides, free of charge, on top of what we already offer as a staffing partner. The Workforce Engagement program was born from the decades Engauge …


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