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Recruiting Services

Just-In-Time Placement

Sometimes, you need associates placed for a temporary assignment or short-term project. We understand these needs and have a deep pool of associates who enjoy the flexibility of this temporary work and have proven themselves working with us on other projects. Project work is also a great opportunity for greener associates to explore a variety of positions to find what they like, gain valuable experience, and prove their work ethic and attendance.


A contract-to-hire model allows you the opportunity to evaluate if an Associate’s skills and work ethic align with your company’s performance expectations and culture before you commit to a permanent hire. During an Associate’s probationary period, they remain on Engauge’s payroll so we handle all the administrative burden.

Direct Hire

Particularly for competitive, higher-skilled positions, a direct hire can be the best way to attract candidates from current roles they are unsatisfied with and to demonstrate your company’s commitment to their future with you.  Engauge is committed to only placing Associates we believe will excel at your organization – we demonstrate this by splitting the direct hire fee into four payments over 90 days.

Workforce management



We pride ourselves on our ability to provide companies with a large number of associates quickly and to seamlessly integrate them into operations. We have a proven track record of helping companies start up new shifts or bring in 100+ seasonal associates without the significant turnover frequently experienced from a seasonal workforce. We recently helped a client bring in over 150 associates in less than a month, allowing them to increase productivity by 43% while keeping turnover at 11%.



If you don’t have all the skills yet, don’t worry! From job rotations to various paid and unpaid training opportunities, Engauge will work with you to expand your skills and capabilities. You don’t have to do the job you have always done, and we will help you get to where you want to be.



Our Workforce Engagement Program takes on-site support to the next level. 100% of our Workforce Engagement Consultants come from direct roles in either manufacturing or distribution. They have experienced first-hand the obstacles manufacturers face on a daily basis, especially when it comes to getting new team members up to speed. From working side-by-side on the floor to ensure associates are meeting both productivity and quality KPIs to providing training, coaching and mentoring that dramatically improves retention, our Workforce Engagement Consultants will help deliver an on-site support program customized to your unique business needs and grounded in their decades of direct manufacturing and distribution experience.



Our 7,000 square foot industrial training center is focused on partnering with companies to create customized training programs that mimic internal processes so associates arrive at your facility prepared with the skills and knowledge to be productive from day 1. Our in-house Workforce Development Team comes from Lean Manufacturing backgrounds and have years of hands-on experience working in manufacturing and distribution environments and leverage a mix of classroom and hands-on training to educate associates.

payroll & benefits

By leveraging Engauge as the employer of record, you can expand your talent base – or bring furloughed / laid-off employees back to work – without taking on the financial and administrative burden of increased full-time headcount. Engauge can support all payroll and related administrative functions, including hours and recordkeeping, tax withholding, unemployment insurance, and all other payroll-related activities.
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