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Our Waukesha office is now open for appointments only. All onboarding, global cash card and check pickup can be done at our West Allis branch office (1518 S 84th St, West Allis, WI 53214) or at our Menomonee Falls branch office (N59 W13500 Manhardt Dr, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051).

Our Waukesha office is now open for appointments only. All onboarding, global cash card and check pickup can be done at our West Allis branch office (1518 S 84th St, West Allis, WI 53214) or at our Menomonee Falls branch office (N59 W13500 Manhardt Dr, Menomonee Falls, WI 53051).


What is Workforce Engagement(WFE)?

What is the Workforce Engagement program? It’s all about strategic turnover reduction, operational efficiency and safety. Practically, the Workforce Engagement program is a value-added service Engauge provides, free of charge, on top of what we already offer as a staffing partner. The Workforce Engagement program was born from the decades Engauge leadership spent working both on the floor and in leadership roles in manufacturing before shifting focus to the staffing business. Through these experiences, we gained a deep appreciation for how the impact of temporary labor reverberates throughout manufacturing operations. It’s one of the reasons we became so passionate about building a better staffing company – we’ve been in your shoes and we have felt your pain!

Our Workforce Engagement (WFE) team serves as a fresh set of eyes to evaluate your processes and acts as a liaison between new Associates, shop floor employees, supervisors and management. Everyone on our WFE team comes from a background in manufacturing and talent management.  This knowledge gives our team the real-world experience to provide insights that go far beyond a traditional staffing partner and helps us provide a fully integrated support system to maximize fill rates, accelerate onboarding, reduce turnover, and drive operational efficiency. A few of the ways we achieve this include:

New Associate Evaluation, Selection and Training
Sending a warm body to fill the job is not good enough when upper management demands higher quality and production efficiency without giving you additional time to properly train your direct labor. Engauge’s Workforce Engagement program addresses this by freeing up your valuable resources to focus on production while we take care of screening, starting and training new Associates. We follow a time-tested process, including:

1. Time on the Floor: we always start by spending time on the floor working each position Engauge will staff. It sounds simple but this step is – without a doubt – the best way to learn how to effectively staff the position, including both the technical and soft skills needed to succeed.

2. Position Evaluation: using what we learned in our time on the floor, we develop best practices for selecting and training Associates in each position. We also map the personality types that will be most likely to succeed in each position so we can work with Engauge recruiters to screen potential Associates using Engauge’s proprietary UPSIDE assessment.

3. Associate Selection: the Workforce Engagement Consultant assigned to your account will work closely with the Engauge recruiting team to pre-screen candidates, conduct on site tours, select Associates to start, and complete New Start and Active Associate rosters to share with your team weekly.

4. New Start Training: on their first day, each new Associate is greeted by their Workforce Engagement Consultant, introduced to their position and supervisor and provided new start training, including a detailed review of key safety information. Throughout their first week, the Workforce Engagement Consultant checks in – both with the Associate and with supervisors – to make sure the Associate is succeeding and that any issues are addressed quickly, directly and professionally.

Day-to-Day Associate Management
Keeping Associates on time, productive and happy will not only reduce turnover but also keep the best talent on staff and engaged. We take the day-to-day weight off your shoulders and manage retention, coaching, and reviews so you can focus on production tasks. Just a few of the ways we do this include attendance policy enforcement, 30/60/90-day performance reviews, delivery of coaching forms to address specific performance issues early and directly, and hands-on coaching and mentoring to show (not just tell) Associates how to do the job correctly.

Our Workforce Engagement Consultants also build close relationships with both supervisors and HR, so we can communicate feedback clearly and directly back to the Engauge recruiting team on how Associates are doing and what your latest needs are. This helps alleviate the “game of telephone” companies frequently experience as communication flows through multiple parties before making its way to the staffing partner.

Management Communication
From new start and active rosters that include headshots for each Associate to weekly digital dashboards drilling down on recruiting, new start, performance review and falloff activity, we know that superior communication can be one of the biggest ways you feel the difference between working with Engauge and your other staffing providers. Our mission at Engauge is to combine the kinds of leading-edge technology and analytics usually found only at much larger staffing companies with the high-touch service delivery usually found only at smaller, local providers.


Engauge’s Workforce Engagement Program was designed based on years of first-hand experience with the day-to-day challenges of managing a temporary workforce. We used this knowledge to build specific solutions that deliver strategic turnover reduction, improve operational efficiency and promote safety in all aspects of your workforce.

Our Story

How the Engauge WFE team was created

Much of Engauge’s leadership team actually comes from the manufacturing world prior to shifting our focus to building a better staffing agency.  While on the manufacturing side, we experienced the pain of working with 7 different staffing agencies and feeling like agencies would just throw bodies at us to see what stuck.

We also witnessed how temporary Associates frequently feel disconnected – both from the company they are assigned to and the agency that placed them. We established Workforce Engagement (WFE) to try to bridge this gap, reinforcing the relationship an Associate has with the company at which they are placed and also helping them form a relationship with Engauge. This allows us to better predict and understand when someone is getting to the point where they may leave, which reduces people walking off the job or No Call, No Showing to their assignment (which, trust us, was the bane of our existence when we were on your side of the table).

Our Team

An inside look at the Engauge Workforce Engagment team

Every member of our Workforce Engagement team comes from a manufacturing background where they worked in either direct or indirect labor roles. Their experience spans industries from electrical/mechanical assembly to plastics, from food and beverage to medical, and more.

Engauge’s leadership team has held C-level roles in global manufacturing and distribution firms and understands the pain points that accompany labor strategies, as well as the profound financial impact temporary labor can have on your bottom line.



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