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Assembly Tech
Is your current job one of those dead-end, do the same thing every day kind-of-occupations? Are you looking for something more in your life? 
Are you looking for: 
  • A challenging and rewarding job which provides a lot of daily variety? 
  • An employer that appreciates your hard work and provides real opportunities for career advancement? 
  • A company that is well-known for taking great care of its employees? 
  • A job where your days fly by while multi-tasking in a variety of different areas? 
If you answered yes, then this is the job you have been looking for! This is a fast-paced company with a really quick product turn-around. It pays well, and it takes good care of its employees. Along with providing unlimited opportunities for career growth, this company does what it promises, and it provides real job stability.
This is a growth position! If you are a career-minded Mechanical Assembler, we want to talk to you!

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