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HR Coordinator
Looking for an active HR supporter that loves hands on variety for our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Milwaukee. 
Human Resources Assistant
Salary: Negotiable per experience
Responsible for day-to-day support of employees, both full time and staffing agency associates. Will be responsible for the maintenance of the Operations roster, including monitoring and assisting recruiting to fill open roles. The position will facilitate the interviewing & onboarding of operations floor candidates and new hires. This position will serve as liaison between staff on the operations floor and the Accounting & Personnel Manager for all personnel administration. This position will also assist the Accounting & Personnel Manager with implementation of personnel programs for the rest of the company as needed. 
Essential Duties and Responsibilities 
  • Daily (twice) walkthroughs of the operations floor to touch base with employees and associate staff 
  • Manage the Operations roster (Production, Fulfillment & Warehouse), including actively recruiting to fill any open positions 
  • Support staffing agencies with recruitment efforts and onboarding new associates 
  • Conduct facility tours 
  • Facilitate interviews when needed, typically for skilled positions 
  • Coordinate Food Safety Training 
  • Manage locker list and distribute key fobs 
  • 30/60/90-day performance check ins 
  • Meet weekly with operations managers to assess current staff levels
  • Review staffing agency invoices for accuracy on a weekly basis, secondary review to be performed by Accounting & Personnel Manager or CFO 
  • Monitor and report on overtime status, specifically looking for variations from approved OT 
  • Monitor attendance points for both Rishi employees and staffing agency associates; make the Accounting & Personnel Manager aware of anyone approaching a disciplinary action in accordance with the Policy 
  • Participate in personnel conversations requiring a translator while maintaining the highest level of confidentiality 
  • Assist with Rishi Tea employee event coordination 
  • Propose, and execute as directed, ideas for employee engagement 
  • Backup payroll processing 
Goals of Position: 
  • Maintain operations staff levels to cover at least 90% of open positions with financial responsibility in mind 
  • Track and maintain turnover of less than 25% company-wide 
  • Ensure uniform onboarding experiences, as it pertains to each role 
  • Work closely with supervisors to keep a strong pulse on employee performance and make suggestions regarding continued employment as needed 
  • Provide suggestions of improvements to management based on feedback from operations teammates 

Qualified candidates please apply today!!

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