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Enhance your career with Engauge Workforce Solutions' Forklift Certification and Training Class, held at the Rely facility in Menomonee Falls. Taught by Chris Peters, a Crown Certified Instructor with 15 years of hands-on experience, this class covers the operation of Stand-up RC, Sit-down, and Order Picker/Cherry Picker forklifts. With a blend of classroom sessions, hands-on training, and assessment, you’ll gain OSHA-compliant skills that enhance workplace safety and efficiency. Over 400 drivers have been trained in the last three years, with 50% from underserved populations. And did we mention we pay you to take this class? Interested in signing up? Contact us today and take the next step in your career! Chris looks forward to seeing you.

Discover Engauge's client-friendly direct-hire pricing structure designed to ensure your satisfaction with new hires before full payment. Our transparent model splits the fee into three equal invoices billed at hire, 30 days, and 60 days, providing a balanced and manageable payment process. Your success is our priority at Engauge.

Summer Staffing Solutions

Summer can be a challenging time for businesses requiring physical labor and competitive wages due to increased vacation time, seasonal demand fluctuations, and a reduced availability of qualified candidates. Engauge understands these complexities and offers tailored recruitment solutions to address these issues. We excel in rapid mass deployment, ensuring high retention and productivity with on-site leads, and our Workforce Engagement Program helps improve performance outcomes. Committed to diversity and inclusion, we provide multilingual staff to integrate diverse associates into your company culture seamlessly. Partner with Engauge to navigate summer staffing challenges and achieve your business goals effectively.

Happy Pride Month!

June is a time to celebrate the vibrant diversity, strength, and resilience of the LGBTQ+ community. At Engauge Workforce Solutions, we are proud advocates and supporters of equality and inclusion, embedding diversity as a core value in our work culture. We stand with the LGBTQ+ community, advocating for their right to love who they love and live authentically. As we celebrate Pride Month, let's unite in our commitment to love in all its forms. Engauge Workforce Solutions proudly stands with the LGBTQ+ community today and every day. Happy Pride Month!

We are thrilled to announce that Engauge has been honored with both the Best of Staffing Client, Employee, and Talent Awards, recognizing our commitment to delivering exceptional service to our valued clients and Associates...

Embracing Diversity

Our Wisconsin client approached Engauge because of labor and space constraints in their facility. Keeping the project in-house resulted in bottlenecks because of how much time the project was taking.

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