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April 8, 2022


Engauge was working with a large manufacturing client in the food and beverage industry who was frustrated with the 5 temporary staffing agencies they had been working with for the past several years. In addition to lengthy time-to-fill and high turnover, the client was struggling to maintain everything from day-to-day communication to setting candidate expectations and managing the interview process to handling invoicing across so many different points of contact. To address these challenges, they turned to Engauge to streamline their staffing approach by making Engauge their exclusive staffing partner.

As part of the transition, Engauge moved ~40 temporary Associates to our payroll from the other 5 agencies. Engauge handled all aspects of the Associate rollover, placing a team on site at the client for a full week to complete presentations to small groups of Associates to communicate the transition process and answer questions. Each Associate was personally introduced to their new Engauge on-site point of contact and received an Engauge “swag bag” along with FAQs for the rollover. All that was required from the client was the list of individuals being moved to our payroll, and space on site to meet with Associates.

Seamless Rollover Led to Further Workforce Growth
In addition to seamlessly rolling over their existing 40 Associates, Engauge successfully doubled the client’s workforce in the first 3 months of working with them. Time to fill dropped 85%, from 1.5-2 weeks to 24-48 hours for entry-level positions and from 1+ months to 1 week for skilled positions.

Associates Appreciate Engauge’s Benefits
Associate feedback has also been positive as Engauge’s benefits surpass those offered by other agencies. For example, Engauge offers Associates medical, dental and prescription benefits on Day 1 of employment, whereas several of the client’s prior agencies required Associates to wait up to 2 months before accessing coverage. Engauge also offers more paid holidays than the prior agencies (one of which we even learned only paid Associates 4 hours per holiday vs a full 8-hour workday).

Simpler Management, Less Chaos
Day-to-day, the client’s life has been considerably simplified as they are now able to work with a single point of contact at Engauge who coordinates across our recruiting team on the client’s behalf. As part of our service delivery plan, Engauge also added a dedicated on-site support resource on each shift who handles Associate communication, tours, onboarding, training, coaching and mentoring. This makes it easier for the client as the on-site resource is able to work with all Associates, not only those Engauge brought on.

Engauge has also developed strong relationships with supervisors, which has taken a lot of the heavy lifting off of the client’s plate. No longer do they have to coordinate across 5 agencies to distribute job descriptions, explain the types of candidates they’re looking for or what their submittal process looks like. Engauge handles everything, working directly with supervisors and HR.

Creative Ideas, Innovative Support
As Engauge has worked closely with the client and developed a deeper understanding of their operations and workforce, we have identified several ways to save the client money and think outside of the box to creatively solve challenges.

In several instances, the client was considering hiring from the outside for a higher-skilled position and Engauge identified existing Associates with the required skillsets who could be promoted from within. Not only did this save the client money, it reinforces a positive culture by allowing them to visibly reward high-performing talent.

In another instance, the client was at risk of missing a critical shipping deadline when Engauge identified an opportunity to move the project to our Menomonee Falls outsourcing facility. The project was up and running within 24 hours and the client made the shipping deadline while avoiding having to bring in a group of temporary Associates at an inflated cost who would have to be laid off two weeks later.

Long-Term Impact
Six months later, the client has indicated they are extremely happy with their decision to work with Engauge as their exclusive staffing provider. Engauge has improved quality while simultaneously reducing operational complexity, helping the client reduce the feeling of chaos that had defined their relationships with former staffing providers and allowing them to focus their energy where it should be: on producing and shipping product, not worrying about temporary labor.

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