Penyelesaian tenaga kerja Kejuruteraan


Penggunaan Jisim Pantas

Kami bangga dengan keupayaan kami untuk menyediakan Syarikat dengan sebilangan besar syarikat sekutu dengan cepat dan untuk mengintegrasikan mereka ke dalam operasi. Kami mempunyai rekod prestasi yang terbukti membantu syarikat memulakan anjakan baru atau membawa masuk 100 + Syarikat bersekutu bermusim tanpa perolehan yang ketara yang sering dialami oleh tenaga kerja bermusim. Kami telah membantu pelanggan membawa lebih daripada 150 syarikat sekutu dalam tempoh kurang daripada satu bulan, membolehkan mereka meningkatkan produktiviti sebanyak 43% manakala mengekalkan perolehan sebanyak 11%.

Penempatan Semula Bakat

We are dedicated to helping associates find stable employment to improve their lives and support their families. Through decades of experience, we have developed processes to help “career ladder” hard-working, motivated and reliable temporary and/or seasonal associate by redeploying them into contract-to-hire roles after seasonal spikes or in the event of mass layoffs. This “win-win” approach enables Engauge to not only attract higher-quality talent for seasonal workforce needs, but to leverage temporary assignments as a training ground to identify high-potential talent that can be seamlessly transitioned to contract-to-hire positions once busy season is over.

Program Penglibatan Tenaga Kerja

Our Workforce Engagement Program takes on-site support to the next level. 100% of our Workforce Engagement Consultants come from direct roles in either manufacturing or distribution. They have experienced first-hand the obstacles manufacturers face on a daily basis, especially when it comes to getting new team members up to speed. From working side-by-side on the floor to ensure associates are meeting both productivity and quality KPIs to providing training, coaching and mentoring that dramatically improves retention, our Workforce Engagement Consultants will help deliver an on-site support program customized to your unique business needs.
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Pembangunan & Latihan Tenaga Kerja

Our 7,000 square foot industrial training center is focused on partnering with companies to create customized training programs that mimic internal processes so associates are arrive at your facility prepared with the skills and knowledge to be productive from day 1. Our in-house Workforce Development Team comes from Lean Manufacturing backgrounds and have years of hands-on experience working in manufacturing and distribution environments and leverage a mix of classroom and hands-on training to educate associates.
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Diversity Outreach & Engagement

We believe diversity can be the key differentiator that drives exceptional performance. Embracing a diverse workforce expands your capabilities and is one of the few ways to ensure sufficient labor for your company. Properly deployed, diversity
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Perkhidmatan Penterjemahan

Engauge mempunyai kakitangan dalaman fasih dalam 7 bahasa dan dialek. Kami menyediakan pelbagai perkhidmatan penterjemahan, daripada terjemahan manual kerja dan bahan onboarding untuk menjalankan lawatan dan sesi onboarding dalam bahasa ibunda rakan sekutu.

Customized Analytics & Reporting

We offer reports customized to your business to help guide strategic decisions, control costs and reduce turnover, such as OT analysis, spend by month, spend by position and more. We tailor reports to your business needs to create tools and processes to help drive continuous improvement in your workforce. We also can provide customized payroll reporting by department, branch, purchase order, OT breakdown, temp usage for OSHA reporting, average number of hours worked per week, and many more.

Day One Associate Benefits

Take a look at the benefits we provide to our Associates which include health insurance starting day one of employment, paid time off and more!
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