Engauge Workforce Solutions

Karen American Association

March 29, 2021

Since 2009, Engauge has sought out ways to assist refugees in finding a job, adjust to the culture shock of a new country, and develop successful careers when they arrive in the United States. Many refugees arrive with no prior English language skills and little-to-no transferable work experience, making it very difficult for them to find a job.

At Engauge, we embrace diversity and believe workforce diversity can be a key differentiator to build a stable, successful contingent workforce. In addition to breaking down language barriers with in-house translators, Engauge partners with local organizations to help some of the most underserved communities find meaningful employment. One of our key partnerships in 2020 was with the Karen American Association of Wisconsin (KAAW). KAAW connects Engauge with refugees so we can help them build skills and find gainful employment. KAAW Associates have participated in Engauge’s paid training programs as well as being a key talent source for our outsourced manufacturing programs.

Partnerships like KAAW are core to Engauge’s mission because they enable us to utilize our knowledge of the manufacturing industry to change lives. A KAAW Associate might start in an Engauge training program to build basic skills, move to a temp-to-hire position to prove themselves in a client environment, and ultimately be hired on by the client for a full-time position. By developing partnerships with groups like KAAW, we are able to truly help those in need not only find a job, but to build a stable career.


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