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What is the Workforce Engagement Program?

Workforce Engagement is a program unique to Engauge that dramatically improves placement and retention rates by leveraging a team of manufacturing experts to act as an extension of your HR and Ops teams. Workforce Engagement is the brainchild of the Engauge leadership team’s decades working in manufacturing companies and seeing first-hand how the traditional approach to temporary staffing consistently fails both companies and Associates. It’s the “secret sauce” for why Engauge delivers better results for our clients. And its why our clients see Engauge as a true workforce partner, not just another temp agency.

How Does it Work?

Workforce Engagement provides an additional layer of support and coordination to our high-volume accounts that acts as a bridge between our clients and our recruiting teams. Each account is assigned a Workforce Engagement Consultant who spends time working in the roles we will be staffing to get a clear understanding of the production process, culture and personalities that make your company unique. This not only improves the quality of our recruiting, it enables the consultants to support your team by providing or assisting with hands-on training, 30/60/90-day reviews, and more.

Engauge has built a team of Workforce Engagement Consultants who come from direct manufacturing and/or distribution backgrounds. We believe this direct production experience enables a level of insight to what’s it’s really like to work on a production floor that is lacking in our competitors.

Here are a few other unique aspects of Engauge’s Workforce Engagement Program:

  • No Commissions: While recruiters are paid commission and thus incentivized to drive placement volume, Workforce Engagement Consultants are incentivized via metrics like turnover, quality and client satisfaction. This creates a natural checks and balances relationship that helps us fill high-volume orders while maintaining low turnover and high candidate quality.
  • UPSIDE Assessment: Engauge’s proprietary UPSIDE assessment, given to candidates before we place them on an assignment, helps us understand what type of work an Associate naturally likes to do. This is incredibly important because regardless of how much money you pay someone, if they don’t enjoy what they do they will eventually leave.
  • Bilingual: Engauge believes supporting diverse candidate communities is a core method of building a high-quality, sustainable workforce in today’s competitive labor environment. All Workforce Engagement Consultants are bilingual, speaking a combination of Spanish, Burmese, Karen, Chin and Rohingya in addition to English.
  • Candidate Tours: Touring a candidate before they are assigned dramatically reduces the No-Call, No-Show (NCNS) rate and first week job abandonment. Workforce Engagement Consultants lead candidate tours during which they can both present a realistic summary of the job and also get time to interact with candidates to evaluate their interest and attitude so they can weed out poor candidates before they get assigned.
  • On Site Support: While many staffing agencies provide on site recruiters, Engauge flips this model on its head by focusing On Site resources on individuals who can work in direct labor roles while also providing training, check-in, translation and other support to temporary Associates.
  • Off-Shift Support: One of the most common challenges our clients face is how to train 2nd and 3rd shift resources. Requiring everyone to train on 1st shift significantly reduces the available talent pool. Engauge frequently provides On Site Support resources for off-shifts that eliminates the need to train on 1st and supercharges the ability to fill 2nd and 3rd shift positions.
UPSIDE Assessment

We’ve all heard the old saying “money doesn’t buy you happiness”. This rings particularly true when it comes to someone’s job. Regardless of how much someone gets paid, if they fundamentally dislike what they are doing they will eventually quit.

In today’s digital world, a person is bombarded with new job offers or ads for alternative positions on a daily, if not hourly, basis. This means that someone who historically wouldn’t have given much thought to whether the grass could be greener on the other side is now keenly aware of the endless other options that they have. And this person might now spend a lot of time thinking about just how green the other side might be. This is one of the major reasons why “job-hopping” has become so prevalent and why you see candidates leaving jobs over minimal pay increases.

You know how you buck this trend? By making sure your current team members are in the right positions and by considering personality fit-to-job when you bring on new team members. That’s where Engauge can help.

How does the UPSIDE Assessment work? 
Engauge’s proprietary UPSIDE assessment helps us understand what type of work an Associate naturally likes to do. This is incredibly important because regardless of how much money you pay someone, if they don’t enjoy what they do they will eventually leave.

We use the UPSIDE assessment to quickly identify someone with relatively short tenures at previous positions that consistently go against their UPSIDE score. We then give them the opportunity to break out of this cycle and prove the true value they can bring to a company. We have more UPSIDE related success stories than we have space on this page, but the key message is that we have seen countless Associates go from never having a tenure of longer than six months to being hired on by our clients and still being there years later.

Our UPSIDE Assessment provides 2 critical insights:

    1. The type of work a Candidate likes doing the most.
    2. The type of work they like doing the least.
This is incredibly important because our data has shown that while  although a candidates can frequently accept job activities that don’t align perfectly with the exact type of work they love doing, if their job requires them to consistently do something they hate, turnover skyrockets. 

Why is the UPSIDE Assessment valuable? 
UPSIDE scores are also critical to guide how we both motivate and coach our Associates. Someone’s personality style or preferred work style is going to dictate what things they value the most. For example, someone who’s very team oriented is going to change their behavior quicker if they know that they are letting the rest of the team down vs. Whereas someone who is primarily achievement-oriented will change fastest if they know they may not get a promotion if they don’t improve their performance.

Disconnects between a person’s personality and their job can cause:

    1. High attendance issues due to lack of engagement.
    2. Difficulty picking up on the required job duties.
    3. Stronger reactions (ex. Walking off the job) to negative interactions or to normal setbacks. 
    4. Quality or efficiency issues.
    5. High levels of stress leading to a bad attitude. 
On-Site & Off Shift Support

On-Site Support

For accounts that have large diversity populations, or those that just want additional support, Engauge can provide working Onsite Support resources that are solely dedicated to you. These individuals are bilingual in the appropriate language(s) so that they can help train Associates as frequently as needed. When they are not training Associates they are working as direct labor or supporting your operations team as requested. 

We can provide these resources on any shift and have found that they are particularly impactful on our clients off shifts that lack the traditional support found on first shift. We have had many clients expand their training capabilities to the off shifts through utilization of our onsite support resources that allowed them to eliminate the requirement of everyone to train on first shift. If you choose to have one or more onsite support resources you will still receive support from a Workforce Engagement Consultant that will work with your onsite support resources to ensure that they are as effective as possible. 

Off Shift Support

One of the most common challenges our clients face is how to train and support 2nd and 3rd shift resources. Requiring everyone to train on 1st shift significantly reduces the available talent pool for these positions because most people working 2nd and 3rd  shift do so because they can’t support a traditional 1st shift schedule due to child care or other constraints. And many 2nd and 3rd shifts also lack sufficient resources to provide coaching and hands-on training after Associates start, which can drive high turnover. When we’re launching Workforce Engagement with a new client, one of the first places we frequently start is by placing an On Site Support resource who can provide additional coaching to off-shift Associates.  In time, many of our off-shift On Sites have built enough trust with the client to eventually take over responsibility for training new starts. And by eliminating the need to train on 1st shift, we are able to remove a critical barrier to off-shift starts, allowing us to supercharge placements on these shifts with the comfort of knowing that candidates will receive the training and support they need to be successful.  

Attendance & Turnover


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Diversity & Translation

Complementing your traditional workforce with a non-English speaking or limited English speaking workforce is a great way to stabilize your team. If done correctly, this can even become one of your biggest competitive advantages as it limits your direct competition for talent. Companies that can effectively tap into these unique Associate pools often see a reduction in attendance issues, higher levels of retention and increased productivity. 

At Engauge Workforce Solutions, diversity and inclusion is a key aspect of everything we do. As a workforce solutions provider, we believe have a unique ability to not only provide a fully inclusive environment internally, but also have an opportunity to encourage our Clients to fully embrace a diverse workforce as well. Engauge’s internal team mirrors the diversity of our Associate pools with 87% of our Recruiters, 100% of our Workforce Engagement Consultants, 100% of our Onsite Supports, 100% of our Payroll team and 100% of our Customer Service Representatives coming from diverse backgrounds. Our team is fluent in Spanish, Burmese, Karen, Rohingya, Malay and Hindi.

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