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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Giving those from diverse backgrounds, or with diverse abilities, a chance to shine.


We recognize that in order to be successful, we need community experts who represent the talent pools we work with.  That’s why 87% of our recruiters, 100% of our on site leads, 100% of our Payroll Processing team, and 80% of our Customer Service Representatives come from diverse backgrounds. Our team is fluent in Spanish, French, Burmese, Karen, Rohingya, Malay, Hindi, Mina, Fon and Manding.


Even the Vinyl on our windows at our corporate headquarters highlights our dedication to diversity and inclusion. Unlike a lot of organizations, the pictures of these diverse faces are not stock photos of people we have never met, these individuals are a combination of our team members and Associates who represent everything we are.  They are the reason why we wake up every day, the reason why we go to work and grind it out. Because being able to change just one individual’s life in a positive way is exactly why we do what we do. Seeing just one of their smiling faces – the faces of individuals who have had the door shut in their face time and time again – that we were able to help find a rewarding career makes it all worth it in the end. 

Direct lines of employment

Engauge has a large, consistent pool of high-quality employers that offer a wide variety of career paths and opportunities best suited to an Associate’s particular needs, including those with diverse backgrounds or abilities.

خدمات الترجمة

Onboarding, coaching, training and document translation in Spanish, French, Burmese, Karen, Rohingya, Malay, Hindi, Mina, Fon and Manding.

Customizable Work Environments

Our in-house outsourced manufacturing allow us to offer flexible, customizable work environments and schedules to fit the needs of Associates that may not thrive on a more traditional shop floor.


Working with diverse, often overlooked populations is core to our mission. We also believe leveraging diversity is one of the best ways companies can build a sustainable workforce.

تنمية المهارات

Training programs range from entry-level to technical courses to help Associates climb the career ladder. We also have on-site resources from our Workforce Engagement team who help support, coach and train you after you've been placed.


Working with diverse, often overlooked populations is core to our mission. We also believe leveraging diversity is one of the best ways companies can build a sustainable workforce. By working with local community organizations, we have been able to collaborate and prove how diverse and differently-abled individuals are more than capable of succeeding and thriving in manufacturing roles. We value community outreach programs and the passion their teams bring every day to improving the futures of those with whom they work.

Community Partnership

Burmese Community Fundraiser

Engauge is frequently looking for opportunities to help diverse and often overlooked populations. Engauge recently had the opportunity to attend a fundraiser organized in part by our community partners. The fundraiser will provide funding for displaced and struggling families during the CDM (Civil Disobedience Movement) in Myanmar. Currently, many families are struggling to find works and are often imprisoned because of the current political climate…

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Community Partnership

Karen American Association

Since 2009, Engauge has sought out ways to assist refugees in finding a job, adjust to the culture shock of a new country, and develop successful careers when they arrive in the United States. Many refugees arrive with no prior English language skills and little-to-no transferable work experience, making it very difficult for them to find a job…

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Community Partnership

Commute to Careers

Engauge Workforce Solutions, a leading provider of staffing and recruiting services to the manufacturing and distribution sectors, named Erin Greenwald as Vice President of Strategy & Growth. In this role, Greenwald will be charged with leading Engauge’s go-to-market strategy to support their ambitious growth objectives and out of state expansion plans…

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We’re always looking for new partners who share our values.


    تقدم بطلب عبر الإنترنت من خلال موقعنا على الإنترنت، اتصل بأحد مسؤولي التوظيف لدينا أو توقف في أحد مواقعنا.

    We are a staffing agency primarily based in manufacturing that seeks to find employment for our local marginalized communities, such as refugees, the homeless population, people with disabilities, non-English speakers, the re-entry population and more. It is our goal to find the right fit for every Associate, taking into account their interests, personalities, work styles and shift and wage preferences so they might feel comfortable in their roles and inspired to succeed.

    As a Community Partner, you will be given a direct line of employment for your members. We will provide informational materials to distribute, update you on our current openings, and give you unlimited access to our recruiters so we can find the best fit for your members. Being a Community Partner is not a monetary transaction—we are simply seeking to better connect with underserved communities and do that via the help of Community Partner job boards, informational flyers, job fairs and any other way we can breach the community.

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