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April 8, 2022
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We opened our industrial training center in spring of 2020. In 2021 we expand our forklift training beyond the capabilities of its original creation. This expansion has resulted in a 20% increase in graduates within just one year. Even with the pandemic still affecting us, our team was able to fill our training classes and as a result, help around 100 Associates advance in their career paths. In the past year, we also added an internal ELL (English Language Learner) class with 6 team members successfully graduating in the month of November. We will soon be adding another class in an effort to give our internal team the tools necessary to work with a larger variety of languages. Our hope is to make the new language classes available to our Associates in 2022.

New Classes in 2022
We have added 2 new classes “Rulers and Tape Measures” and “Calipers and Micrometers.” Courses begin in the classroom to build a strong foundation of technical knowledge. Then it transitions to hands-on instruction on the floor with instructor oversight and real-time coaching followed by a course assessment to evaluate material mastery and concept retention. All course graduates receive a certificate of completion and an opportunity to be placed in a job at one of our clients.

2022 Predictions the “One Stop Shop”
Three other classes are scheduled for release in mid 2022 “Soft Skills for Entry-Level Industrial Employees,” “Blueprint and Schematic Reading,” and “Intro to Manufacturing”. Throughout 2022 we hope to grow our program into a true “one-stop shop” for individuals looking to further (or start) their career in manufacturing. Offering skill training along with our already established track record of helping Associates find fulfilling careers, Engauge is able to assist Associates in their career development. These training programs are also aimed to ensure any skills gaps our Clients are seeing in their teams can be addressed.


Our 7,000 square foot industrial training center is focused on partnering with companies to create customized training programs that mimic internal processes so Associates arrive at your facility prepared with the skills and knowledge to be productive from day 1. Our in-house Workforce Development Team that runs the training center comes from Lean Manufacturing backgrounds and have years of hands-on experience working in manufacturing and distribution environments. They leverage a mix of classroom and hands-on training to educate Associates.

Staff Fluent in 7 Non-English Languages
We believe diversity can be a key ingredient to a consistent, and successful contingent workforce. We consciously hire recruiters and other in-house staff who are fluent in 7 non-English languages, providing us the ability to translate client tours, onboarding documentation, work instructions and other materials into Associates’ native language.

Customized Training Programs
Our team can develop customized training and onboarding, from basic training documents to fully customized onboarding programs. We specialize in tailoring content to your specific needs, including both classroom and hands-on training.

Classroom Instruction & Hands-On Training
Courses begin in the classroom to build a strong technical foundation of knowledge. Associates then spend time practicing skills in our industrial training center with instructor oversight and coaching.
Welding/Forklift/Scissor Lift
We have developed basic training through more advanced support tools to support continuous development in forklift, scissor lifts and other mobile warehouse equipment.

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