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We opened our industrial training center in spring of 2020. In 2021 we expand our forklift training beyond the capabilities of its original creation. This expansion has resulted in a 20% increase in graduates within just one year. Even with the pandemic still affecting us, our team was able to fill our training classes and as a result, help around 100 Associates advance in their career paths. In the past year, we also added an internal ELL (English Language Learner) class with 6 team members successfully graduating in the month of November. We will soon be adding another class in an effort to give our internal team the tools necessary to work with a larger variety of languages. Our hope is to make the new language classes available to our Associates in 2022.

Forklift Training Classes

Engauge believes in the power of people and understands the value of investing in the future of Associates. One of the many ways Engauge has worked to invest in their Associates is by providing paid training courses, specifically our forklift training courses lead by Chris Peters. One specific Associate, Abdul, who completed the training program in …

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2020 Wisconsin Outstanding Temporary Staffing Employee Awards

This year, four of our amazing Associates received Outstanding Temporary Staffing Employee Awards from the State of Wisconsin. This award showcases the appreciation we have every day for the individuals who begin and continue to build their careers in temporary staffing.  Our dedicated Associates work at various facilities and express exceptional qualities that show through …

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DSAW Community Partnership

Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin (DSAW) and Engauge met in July 2020 to discuss a possible partnership. DSAW had individuals they represented that had never been introduced to the world of manufacturing and were not aware of the career possibilities manufacturing could provide. Engauge was able to utilize our outsourced project work facility to find …

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