Engauge Workforce Solutions


Just-In-Time Placement

Sometimes, you need associates placed for a temporary assignment or short-term project. We understand these needs and have a deep pool of associates who enjoy the flexibility of this temporary work and have proven themselves working with us on other projects. Project work is also a great opportunity for greener associates to explore a variety of positions to find what they like, gain valuable experience, and prove their work ethic and attendance.


A contract-to-hire model allows you the opportunity to evaluate if an associate’s skills and work ethic align with your company’s performance expectations and culture before you commit to a permanent hire. During an associate’s probationary period, they remain on Engauge’s payroll so we handle all the administrative burden.

Direct Hire

Particularly for competitive, higher-skilled positions, a direct hire can be the best way to attract candidates from current roles they are unsatisfied with and to demonstrate your company’s commitment to their future with you.  Engauge is committed to only placing associates we believe will excel at your organization – we demonstrate this by splitting the direct hire fee into four payments over 90 days.


Are you hesitant about hiring internal referrals because you're unsure if they're the right fit? Our payrolling service can help you save on unemployment and worker's compensation expenses, while also giving you the flexibility to evaluate the employees' competence and compatibility with your company's culture and performance expectations before making a final hiring decision.

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