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March 22, 2021

When you head to work, how much thought do you give to how you got there? What would you do if you lacked access to reliable transportation? What if you didn’t have a car, and if bus lines or other public transit options weren’t available to you? This frequently overlooked challenge impacts a large segment of our population, creating a tremendous barrier to consistent employment. Wisconsin’s Department of Workforce Development launched the Commute to Careers (C2C) program in 2018 to address these challenges, providing grants to help organizations like Engauge provide transportation to low-income workers to help them find and maintain employment.

Engauge’s Commute to Careers program prioritizes re-entry, diversity, and homeless populations in order to further maximize our impact on local communities. While Engauge has long worked with the House of Corrections, Community Warehouse, and other re-entry organizations, the C2C program turbocharged our ability to match deserving individuals with gainful employment. Additionally, Engauge is able to offer these rides at no cost to our Associates, meaning more of their paycheck stays with them and their families. A key objective is to help our C2C Associates save enough money to be able to afford their own transportation. Like so much of the work we do at Engauge, our goal is to help hardworking individuals find stable, meaningful careers and the ability to financially support themselves and their families.

C2C has provided over 500 rides this year on all three shifts, saving Associates over 30,000 miles of transportation costs. With an ever-expanding list of Clients utilizing the C2C program, there is a wide array of career paths within manufacturing for our Associates to explore. Without C2C, these positions would be unavailable to these associates simply due to lack of transportation. We are excited to continue to help our Associates from the House of Corrections,


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