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Forklift Training Classes

November 30, 2020

Engauge believes in the power of people and understands the value of investing in the future of Associates. One of the many ways Engauge has worked to invest in their Associates is by providing paid training courses, specifically our forklift training courses lead by Chris Peters.
One specific Associate, Abdul, who completed the training program in October 2020 now works full time at one of our Clients. During an interview he spoke about how the training program changed his life.

At Engauge, steps are taken to not only assure effective training but also expedient placement of Associates. We have accomplished this through a partnership with a local distributor of goods whose busy season comes and goes abruptly creating shortages of forklift drivers during the busy season. Over the course of the past few years, Engauge has honed this close and dependable relationship, becoming the sole provider of their forklift drivers during the busy season. 
We have utilized our Powered Industrial Vehicle Training course, which the Client had a large part in getting off the ground, to keep them fully staffed. This program also allowed us to help individuals, such as Abdul, who had zero experience in powered industrial vehicles make a jump forward in their careers.
Engauge was able to find long-term career oriented positions for nearly 30 Associates through our forklift program. This program has not only kept our Client fully staffed but also changed the lives of the individuals who participated in the program.

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