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Job Details

CNC Machinist - Lathe - $26-40/hr
Job Description:
Paper Machinery Corporation is currently seeking an experienced Lathe Operator to join our team. The ideal candidate will have a strong background in machining, with a focus on high precision and low volume production. This position requires the ability to operate CNC lathes, read engineering drawings, understand dimensioning and tolerancing (including GD&T), and use non-programmable measuring devices to check dimensions. The Lathe Operator must also possess knowledge of proper fixturing and work holding techniques, tooling management, and basic machining concepts. Additionally, the candidate should be able to run new programs and debug them as necessary.
  • Perform lathe operations to produce parts with precision within 0.0005 inches.
  • Interpret engineering drawings and understand dimensioning and tolerancing, including GD&T.
  • Utilize non-programmable measuring devices to verify dimensions and ensure quality.
  • Operate CNC lathes and change tooling as required.
  • Implement proper fixturing and work holding techniques to ensure accuracy and stability during machining.
  • Manage tooling effectively to maintain optimal performance and minimize downtime.
  • Apply basic machining concepts to achieve desired results.
  • Run new programs and troubleshoot any issues that arise during machining.
  • Proven experience as a machinist/lathe operator, preferably in a precision machining environment.
  • Proficiency in reading engineering drawings and understanding dimensioning and tolerancing, including GD&T.
  • Ability to maintain tight tolerances and produce high-quality parts within 0.0005 inches.
  • Familiarity with non-programmable measuring devices for dimensional inspection.
  • Experience operating CNC lathes and changing tooling.
  • Knowledge of proper fixturing and work holding techniques.
  • Understanding of tooling management principles.
  • Basic machining knowledge and problem-solving skills.
  • Capability to run new programs and debug as necessary.
  • Owns personal tools required for the job.
  • Competitive salary
  • Health insurance
  • Retirement plan
  • Paid time off
  • Employee stock ownership plan (ESOP)
  • Clean, air-conditioned work environment

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