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National Manufacturing Day

October 2, 2020

National Manufacturing Day is held annually on the first Friday in October.  It celebrates the individuals behind the products we utilize everyday. Manufacturing is present in our food, cars, laptops and even the clothes we wear, raising the question: without manufacturing where would we be?

Manufacturing serves as the gears that turn every aspect of our modern society.  It is the backbone of the U.S. economy, not only producing products, but also creating jobs. Did you know that every 1 manufacturing job creates 3 jobs outside of manufacturing through what is known as the “multiplier effect”? No other industry adds such immense value to the economy and to our communities. 

National Manufacturing Day not only celebrates the individuals currently working in manufacturing, it also serves as a tool to inspire the next generation of manufacturers, helping educate the public about the vital importance manufacturers play in our daily lives. Nurturing the next generation of innovators, engineers, and forward thinkers to pursue a career in manufacturing is what we’re all about at Engauge!

From our Engauge team to the 12.7 million individuals working in Manufacturing, we celebrate you and thank you for the vital role you play in making our communities and our economy stronger.   



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