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August 12, 2020

Engauge Workforce Solutions designs efficient human capital solutions for our Clients while meeting the career objectives of our Associates.

With expertise in training, recruiting, and workforce development/engagement primarily in the manufacturing and distribution industries, Engauge has been successfully balancing the needs of our clients while being sensitive to the aspirations of our associates since 1997.

Why is Diversity & Inclusion important to Engauge?

Diversity and Inclusion is not just important, it is a part of the core fabric of our organization. We believe that having team members from a multitude of different cultures, who speak a variety of different languages and who have experiences in a wide array of industries is fundamental to support the workforce of the future.

What Diversity & Inclusion initiatives do you currently have?

We have team members who speak a wide range of different languages (Spanish, Burmese, Karen, Hmong, Rohingya, ASL and Malay) who work with Clients and Associates to ensure that any potential language barriers are reduced or eliminated. Our bilingual Workforce Engagement team spends time at Clients working side by side with Associates to help get them productive day one. We also work with our Clients to translate their internal documents (onboarding materials, work instructions, etc.) to ensure that diversity Associates are fully integrated into the Client culture.

How has a focus on diversity helped with your recruitment & retention initiatives?

We have focused on bringing in team members that are representative of the changing demographics in the area. We do not just recruit out of these diverse populations, we form connections with their communities so we can establish a high level of trust. Our focus is to reduce the barriers that have kept so many of thesediverse populations out of the workforce.

What’s next in Diversity & Inclusion at Engauge?

We are extremely excited to announce the opening of our new Menomonee Falls location which not only has a fully functional industrial training facility attached to it, but is also led by our diversity recruiting team. We will be offering customized English as a Second Language classes that are geared towards the relevant manufacturing terms that are most important to our Clients. This is part of our ongoing commitment to deepen the skills and help with the overall career development of our diversity Associates.


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